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The McKenzie-Douglass approach to cost control is unique. Even the lowest bids for construction work are usually based on errors in estimating and misinterpretation of project requirements that unnecessarily drive up project costs. We are experts in identifying and eliminating these errors, so that cost savings can be reallocated to more worthwhile purposes. We look for a minimum of 15% cost savings on your behalf, but reductions of even greater amounts are often realized without reducing the scope or quality of a project. We also make sure that the profit that contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers need to maintain the high level of service required of them is not sacrificed.

We provide cost control for:

  • Construction contracts and subcontracts
  • Building materials and equipment purchases
  • Construction change orders
  • Capital repairs and improvements
  • Professional services contracts
  • Fixtures, furniture and equipment purchases

The services of McKenzie-Douglass reduce project costs without sacrificing the project’s quality or vendor profit, and our services will never increase your project costs.

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