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McKenzie-Douglass will help you increase your profit by find cost-saving opportunities that your overloaded project managers might have missed.

Why You Should Work With Us

Winning a construction contract has little value if it doesn’t generate a profit. Most building contractors simply don’t have the time and resources to hunt down every possible cost saving opportunity to maximize their profit. When your overloaded estimators and project managers have done everything they thought possible to buy down your subcontracts, let McKenzie-Douglass help them find the hidden subcontractor’s bid errors that are still keeping the cost inflated.

McKenzie-Douglass will show you:

  • How to increase the percentage of your bids that result in actual construction contracts
  • How to make your bid more competitive, without alerting your competitors to how you did it.
  • How to get the best price for your subcontracts, without compromising the quality of the project or your subcontractors’ profit, or missing an important item that might result in a dispute later. Your staff already does the heavy lifting of subcontractor bidding and negotiations. And when they have done everything that their time limitations will permit, we will find the still-hidden errors in the subcontractors’ bids that drove up their bid prices and eliminate them.
  • Truly equal substitutions for specified materials and building systems that will lower your cost, and still be approved by the owner and the design professionals.
  • The misunderstandings of the owner’s intent during bid preparation that can cost you the contract, or waste your money if you get the award.
  • How to get, and keep, the owner’s attention even when you’re not the low bidder.
  • Where to find extra work opportunities in contracts you already have that will increase your profits.
  • How to find weaknesses in construction contracts that can cost you money.
  • How to avoid claims for extra work from subcontractors that you cannot pass on to the owner.
  • How to get your change order requests accepted, and how to make the most money from them.

McKenzie-Douglass shows contractors how to reduce their costs by exposing the misunderstandings of their subcontractors, and finding the errors in their subcontractors’ and suppliers’ bids that even their own estimators and project managers cannot find; errors that make their own prices less competitive, and erodes the contractor’s profit.
We show contractors alternative ways to solve problems that have never been considered, and that the owner and design professionals will accept, to reduce the contractor’s cost, to make their bids more attractive, and to make the project more profitable for the contractor after the construction contract is awarded.

Don’t let your bid be just an educated guess. Profitability is no accident.

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