Capital Repair Projects

Just as we do for new building construction, McKenzie-Douglass assists building owners and property managers with securing the best prices for the best work for capital improvements and repair projects, as well.

Why You Should Work With Us

We’ll weigh the options presented to you and suggest others as well. And just like a major construction project, we’ll structure your solicitation of proposals for the repair work in a manner that takes the best advantage of the market. If competitive bidding alone does not result in the best solution at the best price (and it usually does not), we’ll show how to take that next important step to a better repair contract and improve the bid price without sacrificing quality.

  • If you are a co-op or condominium board, or a property owner or property manager, have you planned for all of the major capital repairs that will be required over the life of your building? Are you prepared to spread their costs over the life of the improvements, , or are the residents faced with onerous assessments every time a major repair is necessary?
  • Do you have the technical expertise to objectively weigh your repair alternatives independently of the opinions of the vendors offering to perform the work who may have conflicting interests?
  • Have you considered the most cost effective alternative for both the short term and the long term perspective?
  • Do you know what the repair work should actually cost, or are you merely relying on your bids to establish the market price?
  • Do you know how you can get the best price for the best alternative, rather than settling for a second-rate solution just to get a lower price?
  • Are you in control of the process, or merely reacting to what vendors want to sell to you?
  • While you can competitively bid the repair work required, are you in a better position than anyone else who relies on competitive bidding to get the best repair contract at the best price?
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