Educational Buildings

Whether it is for public school districts or private schools, McKenzie-Douglass will oversee the entire building construction process, from initial budget establishment, through design and planning, to controlling the costs of construction, in order to see that the funding appropriated is spent the most cost effective way possible.

Publicly funded school construction projects normally have strict budget limitations. And when outside funding limits are exceeded, it is up to the local school district to either reduce the scope of the project or find the additional funds themselves. Both cutting programs and raising taxes are distasteful, but there is another option,. let McKenzie-Douglass direct the project to meet the budget that the educators and directors consider necessary to best educate their students.
With all the challenges that face public school boards, and the directors of private schools as well, it is important to have an experienced, dedicated, cost control professional join the school directors, designers, and legal counsel as a member of the project team.

McKenzie-Douglass is proud to offer public school districts and private schools the expertise that will accomplish just that. From assisting with the establishment of the initial project budget, bringing budget management to the design phase, controlling costs in the bidding phase, and controlling the costs of change orders during construction, we provide school boards with the insight, expertise and experience needed to complete the project within budget, and to its maximum potential.

We encourage you to discuss your upcoming projects with us, and to contact us even if you are in the middle of a project and are finding that change orders and budget overruns are getting out of control.

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