Industrial Buildings

Let McKenzie-Douglass show how to get the most for your construction budget, to maximize the return on your investment in your manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution facility.

Whether your facility is intended for manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution, cost control is a very important, but too often overlooked, part of project management. When constructing an industrial facility, profitability and efficient functionality should always guide the decision making process. While being experts in the functional efficiency of their operations, most industrial facility owners don’t build with the frequency that gives them that same level of expertise over construction costs, which can lead to cost overruns, and leave thousands of dollars needlessly spent on even small decisions that could have been better managed and procured.
Our goal is to see you build the most functionally efficient building at the most cost effective price, and return the recovered financial waste to your business. During the design phase, we will work with you and your designers to assure that your facility is sized and configured in the most efficient way possible. During construction contract procurement, we’ll guide your bidding process to minimize the bidders’ misunderstandings of your intent and eliminate the common bidder errors that needlessly inflate construction bids. And during construction, we’ll review the requests for extra cost to be certain that the price charged is fair and that the change order is legitimate in the first place.
When we are brought onto a project by an owner, we provide the owner with unbiased solutions to cost-management problems. We share our decades of experience, providing valuable insight to construct your project more efficiently and at less cost.
If you have an industrial construction project either in the planning phase, or in progress, and would like to learn more about how you can reduce costs and improve efficiency, please contact us. We are happy to talk with you and show you how we can make a significant, positive impact on your construction budget.

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