Religious Buildings

We will help you manage your resources and your budget to assure that the funds that have been generously donated to finance your construction project are wisely spent.

Even the best planned construction projects can experience costly change orders, budget overruns, and routine complications that can destroy a construction budget, which is particularly critical for religious buildings that depend on fundraising to finance those projects.

The independent budget management and effective construction cost control that McKenzie-Douglass brings to the project team can assure the project’s hardworking fundraisers and donors alike that their efforts are not being wasted and money is being well-spent. McKenzie-Douglass has a long history of working with congregations to manage the costs of a building projects, from the start of planning until the completion of construction. Our experience, insight, and unique approach to cost control allows our clients to not just see their projects completed within their budget, we can frequently reduce that budget to ease the strain of fundraising.

Whether your project may be new construction or renovations to a worship site, clerical residence, religious education, or other religious facility, or merely the routine capital improvements that are part of every church budget, please contact us to discuss how we can guide your project to a realistic budget and to control the costs of the work to maximize that budget.

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