Office and Retail Buildings

Whether you’re the end user, or developing office or retail rental space, we’ll show how to maximize your construction budget to minimize debt service and maximize the return on your investment in the property.

Whether you are building a new building or expanding your existing office space or retail location, we understand that you still have a business to run. That is why we offer complete oversight of the entire planning and construction processes. We’ll manage your costs from the start of the design work until the new construction is ready for occupancy. When acting as your Owner Representative and liaison between you and the designers and constructors, we can save you countless hours that you can better spend managing your ongoing business.

Whether your project is a large office building or retail center, or merely a renovation of your existing offices or retail store, cost control is a very important, but too often overlooked, part of project management. The customary lack of control usually wastes over 15% of the construction budget that can be used for better purposes. While being experts in their operations, most owners don’t build with the frequency that gives them that same level of expertise over construction costs, usually resulting in excessive cost overruns and, even on smaller projects, leaving thousands of dollars wasted on solutions that could have been better managed and procured.

Our goal is to see you build the best designed facility at the most cost-effective price, and return the financial waste that is common to most construction projects to your business. During the design phase, we will work with you and your designers to assure that your facility is sized and configured in the most efficient way possible, and that building materials are thoughtfully selected. During construction contract procurement, we’ll guide your bidding process to minimize the bidders’ misunderstandings of your intent and the common bidder errors that needlessly inflate construction bids by 15% to 20%, and sometimes much more. And during construction, we’ll review the requests for extra cost to be certain that the price being charged is fair, and that the change order is legitimate in the first place.

Cost control by McKenzie-Douglass provides a construction project with the insight and balance required to assure owners that their projects are completed in the most cost efficient manner possible and with cost overruns minimized. We help identify how building materials and equipment can be procured at a more affordable price, and offer alternative solutions that can make the project more cost efficient. We look for the project’s weaknesses that can compromise its budget and work proactively with you, your designers, and constructors to eliminate them before they’re implemented into the final construction plans.

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