Government Buildings

By reducing construction costs and better allocating resources, we provide our governmental clients with opportunities to fund additional projects that are paid for from the wasted funds that we recover and can be put to better use on another project .

Municipal governments, school districts, and other local governments and agencies are operating with their hands tied.
The public sector usually pays much more than the private sector for similar construction work. The very laws that were originally meant to eliminate fraud and assure the most competitive prices for construction projects are often responsible for artificially increasing the cost of those projects due to the way those laws are administered. The laws aren’t at fault. The fault lies in the way the construction market responds to them.

A popular response to high bid prices is to re-bid the project. But to make a re-bid effective, something must change from the original bid solicitation. Simply soliciting additional bids with the same bid package seldom yields significantly different results. Another option is to reduce the scope of the project, but that just results in an overpriced project of reduced scope. Often, simple changes to the bid solicitation will produce significantly lower prices without sacrificing the quality or scope of the project.

The construction of government buildings should require a strong adherence to the budget to satisfy the public trust that their tax money is being spent wisely. But government projects seem to experience cost overruns more frequently than any other building type. Unfortunately, the most frequent response is to throw money at the problem rather than to solve it.

We would like to be involved as the cost control specialist on your project team from the beginning of the planning stage to best manage your construction budget. But if your project is already underway, and you have already received bids that exceed your budget, McKenzie-Douglass will review the bids and compare them with what the true cost of the project should be. If the bids are correct, but too expensive, it might be necessary to change the project scope. But if they really are overpriced, as over 90% of the projects we review are, we’ll identify areas in the bid solicitation that can be revised to produce better results and guide the project to a more cost effective way of securing the necessary construction contracts, all in compliance with the laws governing the bid solicitation, and in a way that gives the owner the best chance for a realistic contract price.

We look forward to working with you to help you better manage the budget for your government construction project. Whether your project is for a local municipality, a county agency, or a public school district, our services will provide better management of your resources and budget, and provide the oversight of the public’s funds that they rightfully deserve.

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