Energy Savings

Let McKenzie-Douglass help you capture additional revenue through the proper management of your building’s utilities.

Why You Should Work With Us

While most building owners and property managers are aware of their ever-increasing energy costs, most are unaware of how much their utility costs can be reduced, and how simply those reductions can often be achieved. Building owners routinely pay too much to heat, cool, and light their buildings, and those additional costs are often significant and avoidable. Most are unaware of where common energy waste occurs, or that the waste can be eliminated, often by simply changing operating procedures, which do not even require expensive property improvements to implement.

While expensive and sophisticated control systems have long been available for large mechanical systems, there are now available economical and easily-installed systems that allow owners to monitor and control their heating and cooling systems remotely from their PC or smart phone. They can even alert both the owner and maintenance personnel if the system is not functioning properly so any necessary repairs can be performed without delay. These systems are well-suited for automobile dealerships, churches, small office buildings and retail facilities. They are economical enough for residential use and are well suited to retrofit both existing commercial HVAC units and residential furnaces. Contact us to see how such a simple solution can economically control your own heating and cooling.

McKenzie-Douglass will review your entire physical plant and prepare a report showing where energy is being wasted and provide recommendations to reduce that waste and lower energy costs.

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