Feasibility Studies

McKenzie-Douglass will show you if your budget is sufficient to provide the best solution to meet your needs, what your alternatives are, what your project should really cost, and even whether you should proceed with the project in the first place.

Why You Should Work With Us

Spending even one dollar planning a project that will never be realized within your practical financial budget is money you should not spend. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your budget is optimized, all while spending significant money for land acquisition, design, and other planning efforts, only to find that the project is detrimentally unfolding beyond what the budget can support.

By working with you to identify the following, McKenzie-Douglass can help improve the quality of your project, from budgetary efficiency and timeliness, to the confidence you will have that your project is fully-optimized for your situation.

  • Is it better to build new or renovate existing space?
  • Is it better to own the space or rent it?
  • Can the needs of the project be met within the building space or site area available?
  • Can the needs of the project be met with even less space, if it’s used more efficiently?
  • What are the relative costs of all available alternatives?
  • Have all available alternatives even been explored?
  • What is the real cost of alternative building sites when the differing site development costs are considered?
  • Do you know what the project should really cost?
  • Do the opinions of projected cost come from an unbiased source?
  • Is the rental market sufficient to cover the operating costs, debt service, vacancy loss, long-term maintenance, and all other expenses?
  • Is there adequate contingency funding to cover anything that does not go as planned?

McKenzie-Douglass provides feasibility studies to assist owners with answering questions like these, with determining if the proposed project budget is sufficient, and even if the project is feasible in the first place. We provide an unbiased perspective of the project’s costs and projections to enable a truly informed decision to move forward, and what direction to take the project. If our analysis shows the project to be unrealistic, you’ll find out long before money is spent pursuing something that cannot become a reality.

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