Multi-family Residential

Whether you are an owner, developer, investor, condominium association, co-op board, or property manager, McKenzie-Douglass will reduce the costs of new construction and renovations for your multi-family residential project, and the costs of the capital repairs and improvements needed on a regular basis to keep the property properly maintained.

Effective cost control is absolutely necessary to make a new residential project economically viable, and to keep the ongoing maintenance costs reasonable. More efficient cost control during the planning and construction phases means greater profits for the owner and developer, and a greater return on investment for the investors. And units that are too expensive for the local market to build or maintain are more difficult to sell or rent. McKenzie-Douglass will bring cost management for your residential project to such a level that our goal is to save you at least 15% of your construction costs, and much more for the capital repairs required in later years.

As with any new construction or major renovation project, over 90% of the projects we review show that even the best bids are at least 15% higher than they should be, due solely to the bidders’ errors, misunderstandings of the owner’s intent, and other common, avoidable mistakes in the bid preparation. We find those errors, eliminate them, and return those wasted funds to the owner to be used for a better purpose.

While we customarily reduce the costs of new construction and renovation work by 15% or more, the cost reductions we generate for capital repair contracts are often significantly greater. Whether your capital repair work is for heating and cooling system replacement, re-roofing work, window and door replacement, re-painting work, or the many other major repairs that buildings require on an ongoing basis, we would like the opportunity to review your bids for your capital improvements and repairs to see if we can reduce your costs, without reducing the quality of the work.

Contact us to discuss how we can improve your project’s bottom line, and control your costs for capital repairs to maintain it as well.

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