Owner Representation

Most building owners don’t have either the time or the experience to effectively manage even a small construction project. Let the decades of experience of our experts manage your project to its full potential.

Why You Should Work With Us

Are you planning a construction or capital repair project and have no idea where to start, who to hire, how much it should cost, or simply lack the time to assemble the best possible project team? Most owners don’t build with regularity. They don’t have the time to commit to even a small construction project, and are forced to address construction issues and decisions with personnel that have little construction experience and have other pressing responsibilities.

  • We’ll assemble the best project team of professional architects, engineers, designers, contractors and vendors that the project requires. We’ll negotiate the contracts for their services on your behalf so you can be certain that all of the project’s needs are being provided, without the usual costly overlap of services and costs. We’ll structure your contracts to avoid costly change order costs, and even allow you to recover over-charges and eliminate the wasted money that plagues 90 percent of all construction projects; even after the contracts are executed, and even after the project has been completed.
  • We’ll establish realistic budgets for all aspects of the project that match your project’s needs with the funds that you have committed to the project, so there are no surprises. We’ll also monitor the work of the design professionals, bidders and contractors so that all members of the project team remain committed to delivering the best possible project at the best price. We can even assist you with securing the funding necessary to pay for the project.
  • We’ll see to it that all necessary decisions are made in a timely manner, so that the project is completed on time, and within your budget; avoiding the inefficient and often costly results of untimely decisions.
  • We’ll continually monitor the costs of the project and the schedule of the work, and provide the necessary leadership to the designers and contractors to have the project completed on time, and to keep the costs within your budget, without draining the time resources of the executive team that is better focused on your prime business.

Our Owner Representation Services are comprehensive, providing the project owner the time to stay focused on their core business, while still allowing each project owner the opportunity to commit their personal involvement to a level that best suits their management style. Our services are individually structured, from managing every aspect of the project to merely providing professional level guidance and advice at critical times.

For your next project, bring McKenzie’s expertise onto your project team.

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