Professional Service Contracts

McKenzie-Douglass will secure the best contracts, and at the best prices, for the professional services of architects, engineers, construction managers, interior designers, and more.

Why You Should Work With Us

McKenzie-Douglass’s cost management expertise not only controls the hard costs of construction contracts and the change orders that go with them, but we’ll also secure the best contracts at the best prices for the professional services of architects, engineers, construction managers, interior designers, and other expert service providers, as well.

  • Are you buying more professional services than the project really needs?
  • Are you buying enough?
  • Can an increased level of professional service actually save money over the course of the project?

McKenzie-Douglass will show the most cost efficient balance of professional services for the specific needs of your unique project.
Are you paying for a duplication of services, or responsibility, by the various professionals contributing their skill to your project?
McKenzie-Douglass will show how to avoid that common source of waste in project budgets.

McKenzie-Douglass will show how to secure the best contracts for architectural design and engineering services, for construction and construction management services, for special inspection services, and for all professional members of the project team. The cost of professional design and engineering services can vary significantly between professionals who are equally qualified. McKenzie-Douglass guides owners to the best contracts for the professional services that will be required to complete the project. The skilled professionals needed to complete a project must be paid a fair fee for their efforts, but we will show those professional consultants how to provide the services needed without duplication, eliminate unnecessary services, and offer their best services at prices that are in both parties’ best interests.

A successful project does not cut corners on critical matters. For a project to succeed, you need the best project team working for you, not lower cost alternatives that might offer a lower fee but provide an inadequate level of service to go with it. McKenzie-Douglass will show how to bring the most qualified professionals to your project team without sacrificing the project budget, and save money over the long term.

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