Senior Care Facilities

Assisted living and long-term care for our seniors is a growing need for an aging population who have spent their entire lives working toward a comfortable life in their later years. Senior living facilities at all levels, largely funded through charitable institutions, depend more than ever on effective cost management to keep wasted financial resources from limiting a project’s potential.

Even the best planned construction projects can experience change orders, budget overruns, and routine complications that can destroy a construction budget, which is particularly critical for projects that depend on charitable organizations to fund those projects. Should the generosity of that charity not be rewarded with the most effective budget management controls possible?

Independent budget management and effective cost control assure your project’s funding source that their money is being well-spent. McKenzie-Douglass has a long history of managing the costs of a building projects, from the start of planning until the completion of construction. Our experience, insight, and unique approach to cost control allows our clients to not just see their projects completed within their budget, but we can frequently reduce that budget to ease the strain on fundraising.

Whether your project is for new construction, renovations, or just the capital repairs and improvements necessary to maintain your facility, please contact us to discuss how we can guide your project to a realistic budget and control the costs of construction to maximize that budget.

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