Our Construction Cost Control Services

Learn more about the various construction cost control services that we provide to our clients. We look forward to talking with you about the win-win possibilities we create for owners, developers, contractors, and subcontractors.

Construction Cost Reduction

McKenzie-Douglass is committed to finding the financial waste that occurs in, and needlessly inflates, nearly all construction bids, eliminating it, and redirecting those resources to better use and a more cost effective project.

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Owner Representation

Most building owners don’t have either the time or the experience to effectively manage even a small construction project. Let the decades of experience of our experts manage your project to its full potential.
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Construction Change Orders

McKenzie-Douglass provides the expertise to significantly reduce the risk of cost over-runs, to control legitimate change order costs, and to limit exposure to them in the first place.

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Pre-Bid Review

McKenzie-Douglass will review your bid package before you solicit bids and identify areas in the bid solicitation that can be revised to produce better results and guide the project to a more cost-effective result.

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Owner/Developer Services

McKenzie-Douglass will show you what the real cost of the project must be to assure a successful project, and how to manage the development costs to a realistic budget.

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Professional Service Contracts

McKenzie-Douglass will secure the best contracts, and at the best prices, for the professional services of architects, engineers, construction managers, interior designers, and more.

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Construction Contracts

McKenzie-Douglass works with all members of the project team to identify the potential misunderstandings of the project’s requirements and to forestall issues that are common to the construction industry.

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Building Contractor Services

McKenzie-Douglass will find cost-saving opportunities that your overloaded project managers might have missed, increasing your profit.

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Capital Repair Projects

Just as we do for new building construction, McKenzie-Douglass assists building owners and property managers with securing the best prices for the best work for capital improvements and repair projects, as well.

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We offer a wide range of construction cost control services to building owners and real estate developers, as well as to building contractors and the specialty building trades, whether acting as prime contractors or subcontractors. We have one goal in mind: reducing the costs of your construction project to enable it to achieve its highest potential within the available budget.

We look forward to speaking with you about your project. While it is ideally best if we can become involved at the beginning of the planning process, we routinely help owners and developers mid-project to bring their work back to within their budget, too. We believe that we can make a significant impact on your project budget, and leverage that budget to allow you to reallocate your resources and stretch your budget in ways that you never thought possible.

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